Who are we? 

Lingofonex is an app designed to translate your direct speech with no internet connection and in complete privacy. It allows you to rely and depend on yourself while traveling abroad and creates an atmosphere of trust and connection between all parties. 

We offer help in the immediate, necessary and dangerous situations where translation could be vital. Since 2022 there have been cases of thousands of refugees coming from the epicenter of the war zone in Europe.  We currently support Ukrainian language translations for English, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Polish and Czech languages.  We also support translating Russian to English and Spanish languages and English to Spanish.  As we continue to develop this program with time, we hope to add other languages. 

By launching this app, we look to relieve the public of the feeling of anxiety that could potentially occur while crossing country borders and facing all of the difficulties. After all, we all feel a bit more confident and safe, when we know that our information is protected.